Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Our competitive electricity products provide customers with the perfect combination of flexibility and protection from market place volatility. Take control of your electricity rates by signing on with Tara Energy today!
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Our electricity plans are tailored to fit your company's unique needs and tolerance for market volatility. Please fill out our electricity quote request form and start saving money today.

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Sign up with Tara Energy's Green Plan and help reduce harmful emissions in our environment by supporting electricity generated from 100% renewable sources.

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Why Homeowners Can't Afford Higher Electricity Prices

Tara Energy posted on 03/12/2015 

Electricity is a necessity, so whatever companies charge is what the population has to pay. Electricity is essential for a good quality of life, because electricity is used for all the basics like heating and air conditioning, cooking, laundry, and lights in addition to entertainment. Some areas are more energy-dependent than others. Residents rely heavily on affordable electric in Houston. In Texas, 49% of the homes use electric heat: this is compared to a nationwide average of 30%. 

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Get Affordable Electricity for Your Business with Tara Energy
Business Electricity RatesTara Energy is the place to come to when you want low business electricity rates. Thanks to our marketing expertise, corporate buying power and commitment to supporting commercial markets, we are able to offer competitive pricing. Whatever your short or long-term needs are, we can meet them and even go beyond your expectations. You can customize our products to fit your needs and we offer flexibility for custom-term contracts that give you a more favorable expiration date. When you want affordable electricity in Houston or anywhere in Texas, contact Tara Energy immediately.

Learn more about the great business electricity rates offered by Tara Energy>>
For Great Commercial Electricity Rates, Come to Tara Energy
Commercial Electricity RatesTara Energy will provide your business with great commercial electricity rates, even lower than our competitors. We offer customization flexibility, so you can customize your products to mold around your needs. This includes immediate switch, forward-date switch, fixed/indexed contracts and mixed/hybrid products. Tara Energy also provides custom-term contracts so you can benefit from a more favorable contract expiration and industry standard long-term contracts. Our commitment to competitive pricing combined with our expertise and corporate buying power demonstrate how ability as energy industry experts. When you want power in Houston, contact us today!

Continue reading to learn more about the great Commerical Electricity Rates from Tara Energy>>
Tara Energy is a Top Electric Houston Company
Electric HoustonAs one of the top electric Houston companies, Tara Energy provides both residential and commercial locations with excellent service as well as low rates. For residents, we offer a wide range of energy products, including some for socially conscious consumers. Our electricity is delivered over the same wires and poles and there are no new meters. We make it easy to enroll for our services. For commercial clients, we supply retail electricity. Our reliability, competitive pricing, and value-added services are some of the reasons we are one of the largest providers of electricity for Texas businesses during the past 10 years. Our team of industry experts can assist you in finding the right energy product to fit your needs. For electricity in Texas, call us at 1-866-438-8272.

Find out more about Tara Energy, a top electric company in Houston>>
For Electricity in Texas, Choose Tara Energy
Electricity in TexasFor electricity in Texas, there is only one name to remember – Tara Energy. It is easy to sign up for our services. All you have to do is visit our website or call 1-866-438-8272 to get started. Once on board, you will receive many benefits such as being able to manage or view bills online, experience low rates thanks to competitive pricing, and receive great customer service. We can customize energy products to fit particular needs and always deliver state-of-the-art customer service. Whether you own a home or business, we can supply you with electricity at a reasonable rate. In fact, we are one of the largest providers of electricity for Texas businesses for the past 10 years. For power in Houston, Dallas, Austin or anywhere in Texas, call us today!

Read more about the benefits for choosing Tara Energy for electricity in Texas>>
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