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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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What is My Tara? How do I log in to My Tara?Do I need a My Tara account?How do I know if you provide service in my area?How can I sign up for service with Tara Energy?Will there be an interruption in my electricity if I switch to Tara Energy?Do I need to let my current provider know that I am switching?How long will it take for Tara Energy to become my new electricity provider?How much does it cost to start service or switch to Tara Energy?What non-recurring fees are there?Does Tara Energy require a deposit for new service?What is the difference between a Variable and Fixed Rate?Where can I find Tara Energy’s Variable Default Electricity rate for Texas?I've enrolled, what happens now?How do I know when my contract ends?What happens when my contract ends?How far in advanced may I renew my contract?How do I renew?I'm moving. What do I need to do?When will my final meter read occur? When will I receive my final bill?How can I pay my Tara Energy bill?Where can I find my bill online?Can I select my own due date?Why was I charged a late fee?After first enrolling, when will I get my first bill?Does Tara Energy accept payments over the phone with an American Express credit card?How do I get in Contact with Tara Energy?What security measures do you use on your web site?Do you have a cancellation fee?Is there a fee to switch my service once my contract has ended?Who do I call in case of an Emergency or Power Outage?How do I enroll a business?Why do I see a "TDU Surcharge" on my bill?Do I pay the last bill from my current provider? How do I know there will not be more charges?


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