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Tara Energy launched in 2002, and since then has grown rapidly in the Texas electricity market. The success and growth are results of delivering competitive prices to customers and by providing service with honesty, integrity, and respect by placing the needs of customers first while energizing the communities through active engagements.


Our competitive electricity products provide customers with the perfect combination of flexibility and protection from market place volatility. Take control of your electricity rates by signing on with Tara Energy today!

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Our electricity plans are tailored to fit your company's unique needs and tolerance for market volatility. Please fill out our electricity quote request form, and start saving money today.

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Moving? You can transfer your service to your new location using the My Tara portal. It’s quick and easy.

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Find Tara Energy Plans in Your Area

Choosing a New Residential Electricity Company in Oak Ridge, TX

Tara Energy is committed to making it easier for you to choose an electricity provider! With Tara Energy, you'll immediately enjoy the benefits of a provider that has a great reputation for helping Oak Ridge, TX residential customers with:

  • Innovative rate plans, including Fixed-Rate and Nights Free plans
  • Same-day service** availability.

**To apply for same-day service, call before 12:00 PM CST. Same-day service available on business days only. Additional documents and permits may be needed.

  • Convenient billing and payment options
  • Outstanding customer service

Get more comfort, convenience, and control with Tara Energy – we prioritize empowering you to make the best decisions possible about your energy costs, performance, and service.

Smart Energy for Ultimate Savings

Energy conservation and technology solutions are key to getting the lowest price possible for your energy. Tara Energy takes an active role in helping our Oak Ridge, TX customers select the best plan from their provider so they can get the best rates for their lifestyle. Call today to see how we can help you save money and learn about our range of solutions.

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Compare, Understand, and Save

We're happy to put our rates and service to the test side-by-side with other Oak Ridge, TX residential electricity providers so you can see the difference in value. You can view our Fixed-Rate and Nights Free plans to see which plan will work best for you. We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision that puts you in charge of your power expenses and deliver the best value.

Contact us to learn more and get started with fast and affordable electricity service from Tara Energy. We're ready to help you enjoy superior comfort, convenience, and control, so call today!

Finding the Best Electricity Plan in Oak Ridge, TX

We understand that finding the lowest rates for electricity services is a top priority for Oak Ridge, TX homes and businesses. Tara Energy is here to help. We can help you compare electricity plans and select the plan that works best for you - whether it’s our popular Fixed-Rate Electricity Plan or Nights Free Electricity Plan. Tara Energy has highly competitive rates for Oak Ridge, TX, alongside best-in-class convenience and service.

Compare electricity plans to determine the benefits you'll enjoy from having Tara Energy as your new provider, including:

  • Locked-in rates that allow you to plan for the future
  • Service and pricing customized to your needs
  • Convenient billing and payment options
  • Best customer service

If you're thinking of switching residential electricity service providers in Oak Ridge, TX, you owe it to yourself to compare electricity plans and determine if there is a better way to meet your residential power needs.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans from Tara Energy

With a Tara Energy Fixed-Rate Electricity Plan, the price you pay per kWh does not change for at least three billing cycles, or the term of the contract, whichever period is longer. The benefits include knowing precisely what you'll pay each month per kWh, which allows you to plan ahead. You will also know that you're protected against market variations, which impact customers when the price of energy goes up. So, by selecting the Tara Energy Fixed-Rate Electricity Plan when costs for variable-rate customers go up, your rates stay the same.

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Nights Free Electricity Plans from Tara Energy

A Tara Energy Nights Free Electricity Plan does exactly what the name promises: you can enjoy free electricity at night if lower daytime usage fits your lifestyle. This is another way that Tara Energy offers you service that is customized to better meet your needs.

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Compare, Choose, and Save

If you need help understanding your electricity bill so you can compare current rates with potential alternatives, we're happy to help you. Contact Tara Energy today, and we'll help you find a plan that delivers the most value to you.

Services Areas in Oak Ridge, TX

Switching Electric Companies in Oak Ridge, TX

You have the option to choose the best electricity provider in Oak Ridge, TX for your home, business, or commercial property. More and more customers are switching to Tara Energy. Why? Because we offer our customers affordability, performance, and value.

Thinking of Switching? Here's How to Make the Right Decision for You

Contact Tara Energy, and one of our Customer Energy Advisors can walk you through an analysis to determine your best options for electricity service in Oak Ridge, TX:

  1. What are you currently paying for electricity service? Have several of your most recent electricity bills ready so we can review past prices and discuss how they have changed over time.
  2. Review options from Tara Energy. We can tailor performance to precisely meet your needs for cost and value with options that include Fixed-Rate, Nights Free, and more. We can also look at long-term costs and how potential plans perform for you over time.
  3. Compare the pros and cons. Now that you have a basis for comparing services, you can weigh any pros and cons between Tara Energy and your current electricity provider. There are a variety of ways to chart comparisons beyond price, including the convenience of various billing and payment options, customer service, plans available, and more.
  4. Find out how much you can save. We understand price is the bottom line for many customers, and that's why Tara Energy has built its best-in-class reputation on competitive rates that can save you money. Our energy plans allow you to tailor our services to best meet your needs, along with rate stability that will enable you to know what you'll be paying and lock-in savings.

Talk with Us Today About Switching to a New Electric Company

Whether you're a business or home customer, there are many benefits available to you once you switch to Tara Energy. Talk with us today to find out how you can enjoy better service and lower costs by switching electrical services in Oak Ridge, TX.

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Oak Ridge, TX Electricity Providers with Same-Day Service**

We understand that you can't wait around to have electricity service turned on, you need same-day electricity and as soon as possible. Our process is engineered to deliver fast and easy enrollment, so you can get your power on that very same day if you call us before 12:00 PM CST on business days only (holidays excluded).

**To apply for same-day service, call before 12:00 PM CST. Same-day service available on business days only. Additional documents and permits may be needed.

Same-Day Electricity for Oak Ridge, TX Customers

Contact Tara Energy, and we'll quickly get you plugged in and enjoying affordable electricity in Oak Ridge, TX:

Step 1

Call before 12:00 PM CST on business days, and one of our Customer Energy Advisors will get you started. You may be asked to provide additional documentation and permits to qualify for same-day service. Your Customer Energy Advisor will verify you have a smart meter installed in your home or building. Millions of local customers already have smart meters installed, and this will ensure the fastest service.

Step 2

An Energy Advisor will help you choose the best energy plan for your needs, taking into account residential or business service, location, lifestyle, and other relevant factors. We have a variety of plans available, including Fixed-Rate, Nights Free, and more. Depending on your credit and needs, this assessment will likely take fewer than 30 minutes.

Step 3

You're finished! Go ahead and turn on your lights – welcome to fast, simple, and affordable electricity!

Discover, Enroll and Begin Saving

Tara Energy is here to help and ready to get you powered up. Our team of Energy Advisors is waiting for your call. Contact Tara Energy today to begin your electricity service. We look forward to turning your lights on!

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Oak Ridge, TX Business & Commercial Electricity Companies

Tara Energy makes it easy to shop and compare electricity plans for your Oak Ridge, TX business or commercial property. Finding a plan that can be customized for your precise needs is the key to lowering your rates, improving service, and getting the best value possible for your business.

There are two ways for you to get started:

Compare Rates and Order Tara Energy Service Today

If you expect your Oak Ridge, TX business to require fewer than 50 kW/month, you can compare rates online, so you know you’ve made the best, most informed decision when you switch to Tara Energy. We have same-day service** and next-day service available to get you up and running immediately as well as customer service that is geared for business and commercial needs.

**To apply for same-day service, call before 12:00 PM CST. Same-day service available on business days only. Additional documents and permits may be needed.

Get a Custom Tara Energy Rate Quote for Your Business

This is the ideal solution if your Oak Ridge, TX business or commercial enterprise expects to use 50+ kW/month (about 600+ kW/year). Custom pricing and a dedicated Tara Energy Account Expert can help you:

  • Explore the full range of plans and options for your electricity
  • Support your decision-making process with expert insights and answer any questions you may have
  • Compare performance versus other local providers
  • Deliver an enhanced level of customer service and support

Get Started with Tara Energy

Contact us today if you have any questions about how you can compare and save with Tara Energy. We're passionate about helping Oak Ridge, TX businesses meet all their power needs, with best-in-class service and performance.

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